CELF surgery day

An opportunity for artists through project Outside In - providing a platform for artists who see themselves as facing barriers...


...to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance or isolation.

The goal of the Outside In project is to create a fairer art world which rejects traditional values and institutional judgements about whose work can and should be displayed.

As a national project, we realise that a lot of artists we work with and support do not have the skills or facilities to digitally showcase their work to show it to wider audiences and so we hold Surgery Days to help artists to get involved.

We are holding an upcoming Surgery Day in mid-Wales - where we will help artists photograph five pieces of work, assist them with writing an artist statement and sign them up for an online gallery on our website.

Once an artist has a gallery on our site, they are able to receive comments on their work, submit their work to regional and national exhibitions, as well as adding a piece of work to be for sale in the online shop too if they wish.

Our next national exhibition, which is craft based, is taking place next year, and we are currently looking for submissions.

At the Surgery Day, we will let artists know about this opportunity and can help them to submit work for possible inclusion in the show.

You can find out more about this opportunity here: http://outsidein.org.uk/news_and_events?item_id0=16111

As a note, even if the artist's work is not selected for the exhibition, it is still shown within the exhibition space, often on a rolling screen.

You can find out more about the project by visiting www.outsidein.org.uk.

If any artists would like to sign up for a 1 hour one-to-one session at the Surgery Day, please contact Hannah Whitlock, our Artist Coordinator by emailing h.whitlock@pallant.org.uk or calling 01243 770845.

There is also a how-to-guide on how to create an online gallery which can be sent to you as well.

Below is the flyer for the CELF Surgery Day.

National Theatre Wales Big Democracy Project

An invitation, in collaboration with Celf o Gwmpas.


Four artists operating across contemporary visual and performing arts practice will instigate a disability-led participatory event at our Llandrindod Wells venue with support from Celf o Gwmpas Director, Shân Edwards. 

Featured artists:
Chris Tally Evans
Jo Munton 
Ceridwen Powell
Dean Warburton

Our Assembly will create a democratic critical platform, empower disabled artists, collectively advance the debate and establish a position.

The participating disabled artists themselves will propose and vote on any action to take forward. We will use a creative and open-minded process to explore these issues with the people who are directly affected by them.

This is a FREE event and a buffet is also provided. 

Friday 19th June, 7pm.

Centre CELF
Tremont Road
Llandrindod Wells

Please click here to book your place.

Random Acts Activate - workshop schedule

Random Acts Activate - inspirational 1 day workshops to inspire young artists and help them to apply to the Random Acts project!


When & Where? 

Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry – 16th May
Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham –17th May 
Worcester Arts Workshop, Worcester – 23rd May
The Rural Media Company – Hereford – 6th June 
The Lighthouse – Wolverhampton – 21st June 

How to book? 

On these eventbrite links...

Coventry - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/random-acts-activate-coventry-tickets-16747803130
Birmingham - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/random-acts-activate-birmingham-tickets-16747809148
Worcester - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/random-acts-activate-worcester-tickets-16747887382
Hereford - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/random-acts-activate-hereford-tickets-16747897412
Wolverhampton - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/random-acts-activate-wolverhampton-tickets-16747920481

What will you do at the workshop? 

Introduction: A brief discussion about the day ahead.
Workshop: Can you create bold expressions of creativity? We're jumping straight in with a creative exercise to start the day.
What is Random Acts? Our opportunity to explain exactly what is Random Acts, how does it work and more importantly, how could it work for you! Q&A throughout.
CREATIVE MASTERCLASS: 4 Artists will be giving 30 minute talks on their art form; exploring the creative process, the lifeline of anyone's craft.
*Delegates will be able to attend 2 out of the 4 sessions delivered by guest artists. Don't worry if you'd like to see all 4, you'll have a chance to catch the 2 talks you missed after Your next break!
CREATIVE MASTERCLASS: We didn't want you missing out so use this hour wisely- sign up to the 2 talks you missed before the break.
SUMMING UP: As we bring the day to a close, we'll reflect on everything Random! Please treat this session as a chance to quiz the Rural Media team and all of our guest artists.

Dementia Awareness Day

Support Dementia Awareness Week - become a Dementia friend!


20th May 2015, 10am until 2pm.

3 The Parade, Lansdowne Road, Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury, SY3 0HT.

All are welcome to attend!

Tea, cake and biscuits for all... Book a free home safety check with Shropshire Fire and Rescue, sample the delights of Wiltshire Farm Foods and  meet Salop Mobility.

There will be much more on offer too, with the chance to meet staff and view the new training facility. Come along and enjoy the day!

Random Acts - an amazing Opportunity

... for Young Artists aged 16 to 24 years - a series of Random Acts Activate workshops.


We are holding a series of 'Random Acts Activate Workshops' across the West Midlands to inspire and encourage young artists with fantastic ideas for short films about their chosen arts form and give them lots more info about how to apply.

A list of  workshop dates are listed and you can attend any of them but you  can also visit our website to find our more or to apply http://www.ruralmedia.co.uk/Random-Acts.aspx 

You can also watch a video here: https://vimeo.com/123938077

Deafinitely Theatre presents Something Else!

Based on the popular children's book written by Kathryn Cave and illustrated by Chris Riddell. Directed by Paula Garfield.


Friday 15th May at 11am and 1.30pm.

ARENA THEATRE, Wolverhampton.

A story about a small creature who lives his life always trying to fit in. But he never does, because he's Something Else. Then one day a stranger turns up on his doorstep and wants to be friends.

Deafinitely Theatre nurture and showcase deaf talent, creating work that is accessible to both deaf and hearing audiences.

Suitable for children aged 3 - 6 years.

All tickets are £5.

For more details or to book tickets call the Arena Theatre Box Office on 01902 321 321 or visit the website to book online arena.wlv.ac.uk

Supported by Outside Centre and Black Country Touring

Part of Young Deaffest in partnership with Deaffest

For more information about Deaffest, the UK's leading Deaf Film and Arts Festival, visit deaffest.co.uk

AB Portrayed

A selection of Tanya Raabe-Webber's images and artwork from the Awkward Bastards Symposium at mac birmingham.


Sketches of speakers, audience and artists - plus ipad drawing of speakers and audience members who came to the Awkward Bastards Symposium at mac birmingham on March 12th 2015.

Awkwardness is good for art

Momentum is building across the region, ahead of the Awkward Bastards Symposium!


"I'm thrilled that, as a contributor to DASH's forthcoming symposium at MAC on 12 March 2015, I'm now officially an Awkward Bastard!

Awkwardness is good for art – it can unsettle us, ask us difficult questions, and make us think again.  

Much Live Art could be characterized as awkward in that it resists definition and doesn't conform to any form, function or mode of presentation. But more significantly in the context of DASH's symposium and the wider politics of cultural diversity, Live Art is, as the writer Mary Paterson recently put it, "a culture that puts old, young, male, female or 'other' bodies on stage to explore the empathic chemistry of simply being present in space together... a culture that invites dissent, listens to it and turns the experience into something beautiful... a culture that celebrates difference at the same time as community, humour at the same time as outrage."

Live Art's radical thinking, practices and approaches have done much to contribute to the creative case for diversity, and I look forward to discussing how they can continue to contribute to, and help shape, our future culture in Awkward Bastards.   

It seems ridiculous that the creative case still needs to be made and that diversity still has to be considered 'a case', but it does. It seems ridiculous that so many black, disabled, queer, women and other 'culturally diverse' artists are still either underrepresented or misrepresented across the artistic landscape of the UK (or, indeed, are still referred to as 'black, disabled, queer, women' artists) but they are. It seems ridiculous that after so many Arts Council policies and initiatives, the (publicly funded) arts in the UK still does not reflect the diversity of our society in its makers, producers, decision makers and audiences, but it doesn't.

The arts in the UK are still dominated by the white, able-bodied, middle classes. There are so many awkward questions still to be asked, and Birmingham on the 12th of March will be a great place to ask them."

Lois Keidan

Live Art Development Agency (LADA)


Oska Bright Film Festival

Gearing up for the next festival in November - there is still time for films to be submitted for selection!




Deadline: Thursday 30th April 2015.

The 7th international festival of short films made by people with learning disabilities invites submissions for the 2015 festival.

The festival is looking for films and digital media that are under 10 minutes long. They can be in any genre, from live action or animation to documentary or dance-film. Films can be made by groups or individuals in the UK or abroad and they must have learning disabled people in control.

The deadline for entries is Thursday 30th April 2015 and the Festival takes place over 3 days in November 2015, in Brighton.

The website www.carousel.org.uk has full information on how to enter and an accessible on-line guide to film-making. Or you can call on 01273 234 734 or email oskabright@carousel.org.uk for an information pack.

Dancing Together at Last

If you have harboured a secret desire to dance with a family member and love dancing now is your opportunity!


You and a family member (or friend you would like to dance with) are warmly invited to our second series of three creative dance workshops in Shrewsbury. 

The workshop will be in the warm and welcoming studio, at The Trinity Centre, in Meole Brace Village near Shrewsbury.

Together we shall explore movement and dance as part of a group and in duets. We shall work creatively and lightly. The workshop tasks ranging from reflective focused work to playful abandon.

The project is led by DASH associate artists, Ray Jacobs and Rachel Liggitt. 

The workshop leaders are all creative and experienced practitioners in the fields of choreography and community dance.

Dates of workshops:

Sunday 15th February - 1:15pm – 4:15pm 

Sunday 8th March - 1:15pm – 4:15pm 

Sunday 29th March - 1:15pm – 4:15pm 

Ideally we would like dancers to attend all 3 sessions to get the most out of the workshops.

Who is it for:

The workshops are for participants aged 8 years – 108 years!

Cost: £7.50 per person per workshop, £15 each pair. If you would love to attend but the cost is a barrier to attending, please contact Rachel directly.

Payment by cheque or cash. Paid on arrival at the first workshop.

Please contact Ray or Rachel to book or if you need additional information.

Ray: jacobsray@hotmail.com  M: 07817194644

Rachel: r_liggitt@yahoo.co.uk  M: 07855931214