Micro-residency at MAC Birmingham

MAC birmingham (in partnership with The New Art Gallery Walsall and Turning Point West Midlands) - is offering an intensive artist-lab development opportunity for four West Midlands-based artists.


The chance to work in collaboration from Tuesday 5th November to Saturday 9th November 2013. The residency will provide the four selected artists with time and space to exchange ideas, materials to prototype work, and a test-bed opportunity to bring outputs to audiences in the public realm.

Deadline: Friday 4th October 2013.

More information available via: http://www.tpwestmidlands.org.uk/micro-residencies/

Remembering John Wilson

Over the summer we had some very sad news.


I didn't know John for very long really, but I am very glad that in June 2010 he came to a DASH workshop with his wonderful wife Margaret.  John had been diagnosed with Parkinson's and Margaret was keen to find as many activites as she could to keep his body and mind going for as long as possible. 

John and Margaret attended 20 workshops over three years, making the long journey by bus from Bishop's Castle to Shrewsbury.  They were very dedicated members of the group and loved by all.

John loved art, architecture, music and science and I loved to hear him talk about all of them.  I shed a few tears when I got Margaret's email, but I was also happy that he had left this earth peacefully with his family by his side.

John will be greatly missed.



Mike's memoirs of mentoring

You saw it here first! I finally got Mike to write a blog AND he has promised another. So you better keep checking back. ;)


DASH has been offering mentoring and support to Disabled artists at all stages of their careers for over five years and we have worked with over seventy five artists in this time.

There is no fixed template to our approach to mentoring as the content of the sessions is led by the artist.

The topics most artists want to discuss are:

  • Promotion and getting their work seen more i.e. websites, mailing lists, networks etc
  • Opportunities. Contacts for other organisations
  • Career discussions. Discussing where the artist is and where they would like to be
  • Looking at or compiling portfolios
  • Support with funding applications


The list is pretty endless, but has to be initiated by the artist, even if it is quite a general discussion about themselves and their work

I find mentoring fascinating as a fan of the crime thriller it has similar elements. We often don't know what is blocking our development or what we really want to do, till you have someone who will unconditionally listen to all your moans and groans about how hard it is to be an artist, make a living and all the rest that life in 21st Century capitalism throws at us.


Opportunity: AA2A placements

The AA2A project (Artists Access to Art Colleges) are offering over 100 placements for artists and designer makers!


The opportunity to undertake a period of research or realise a project using art college facilities eg; workshops, IT facilities, lending library, and lecture programme. AA2A schemes aim to benefit students and institutions through their interaction with practicing artists.


~ Access is free, for at least 100 hours - between October 2013 and April 2014.
~ It is hoped that AA2A can provide a grant of up to £220 for artists who need this to undertake the scheme.
~ Closing dates for applications vary but all are in September 2013.
~ Artists on AA2A schemes run from 2011 to 2012 or before can now reapply.  
~ Applicants must have at least one year's professional practice.
~ Applicants should be able to work with minimal technical support.

To see current AA2A artists' work go to http://aa2a.biz

AA2A particularly welcomes applications from applicants with disabilities, from culturally diverse backgrounds and non-graduates.


Northumbria University (Newcastle) - Application deadline - 22nd September 2013   
0191 227 3412    emma2.hall@northumbria.ac.uk
printmaking, papermaking, wood, metal, ceramics, digital media, photography, video, drawing, painting

University of Sunderland  Application deadline - 23rd September 2013    
0191 515 5517    joanna.o-hara@sunderland.ac.uk
glass, ceramics

Hull School of Art & Design  (Harrogate and Hull)  Application deadline - 22nd September 2013    
0148 248 0970    lhoughton@hull-college.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, textiles, fashion, film, video, sound, music, digital media, photography, graphics, illustration, painting

University of Central Lancashire  (Preston)  Application deadline - 20th September 2013    
0177 289 3959    jpcrane@uclan.ac.uk
printmaking, fashion

University Centre at Blackburn College  Application deadline - 10th September 2013    
0125 429 2562    ofls01@blackburn.ac.uk
printmaking (intaglio, relief, screen), wood, plaster, clay, textiles (digital printing, sewing machines, looms, screen-printing), laser cutter, film, video, sound, photography (digital and film processes), digital editing facilities, graphics, life drawing, painting

University of Salford  Application deadline - 16th September 2013   
0161 295 4630    s.j.ingleson@salford.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, carving, metal, mould making, textiles, fashion, sound, digital media, moving image, animation, photography, illustration, graphic design, installation, painting, drawing

Manchester Metropolitan University  Application deadline - 23rd September 2013    
0161 247 6678    enterpriseadminsouth@mmu.ac.uk
printmaking, bookmaking, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, textiles, embroidery, weave, fashion, digital process and fabrication, laser cutting, CNC cutter, filmmaking, photography, illustration, drawing

Liverpool Hope University  Application deadline - 22nd September 2013    
0151  291  3516    mcgees1@hope.ac.uk
printmaking, metal, jewellery, plaster, ceramics, textiles (construction and print), digital design, painting

City of Liverpool College  Application deadline - tbc late September 2013      
0151 252 4319    john.keith@liv-coll.ac.uk
printmaking (screen), ceramics, fashion, printed textiles, digital imaging, multi media, photography, painting, drawing, life drawing

Sheffield Hallam University  Application deadline - 22nd September 2013    
0114 225 6726    l.jefferies@shu.ac.uk
printmaking, metal, fashion, jewellery, video, interactive media, digital media, animation, photography, typography, graphics, illustration, painting

Chesterfield College  Application deadline - tbc late September 2013    
0124 650 0500  ex. 1620    artistsinresidence@chesterfield.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, metal, ceramics, fashion, digital textiles, product design, lazer and auto pattern cutters, performance, film, video, digital media, animation, photography, graphics, illustration, painting

University of Lincoln  Application deadline - 20th September 2013    
0152 283 5239    peastwood@lincoln.ac.uk
printmaking, jewellery, video, digital media, photography, painting, illustration, drawing

Staffordshire University  (Stoke-on-Trent)  Application deadline - 1st September 2013    
0178 229 4407    a.mawson@staffs.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, metals (incl. fine), ceramics, laser cutting, resin and plastics, 3D design, textile surfaces, surface pattern design, lens-based facilities, painting

University of Derby  Application deadline - 20th September 2013    
0133 259 3113    j.falconer@derby.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, metal, casting, carving, glass, ceramics, textiles, digital media, photography

De Montfort University  (Leicester)  Application deadline - 20th September 2013    
0116 207 8388  /  8571    cscott@dmu.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, metal, plaster, glass, ceramics, textile printing, laser cutting, CAD labs, photography, video, life drawing studio, painting

Dudley College  Application deadline - 9th September 2013    
0138 436 3633    luke.baker@dudleycol.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, textiles, fashion, performance, video, photography, interactive media, graphics, illustration, painting

Coventry University  Application deadline - 6th September 2013    
0247 688 7020  / 8248    mandy.bisla@coventry.ac.uk
printmaking, small scale metal, ceramics, laser cutting, digital media, painting, drawing

Gloucestershire College  Application deadline - 6th September 2013  
(Gloucester and Forest of Dean)    0145 256 3322    sylvie.johns@gloscol.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, textiles, fashion, product design, performance, film, video, sound, digital media, animation, photography, graphics, illustration, painting

Anglia Ruskin University  (Cambridge)  Application deadline - 2nd September 2013    
0845 196 2317    cassie.lynch@anglia.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, metal, casting, carving, fashion, film & TV production, digital media, photography, animation, illustration, painting

North Hertfordshire College  (Hitchin)  Application deadline - 9th September 2013    
0146 247 1030    escott@nhc.ac.uk
printmaking (screen and lino), wood, glass, ceramics, textiles, knit, fashion, costume, performance, film, video, sound, digital media, animation, graphics, illustration, painting

University of Bedfordshire  (Luton)  Application deadline - 12th September 2013    
0793 197 1322    hannah.birkett@beds.ac.uk
printmaking, textiles, fashion,  laser-cutter, 3D printer/scanner, video, animation, moving image, photography, darkroom, graphic design, illustration, painting

Chelmsford College  Application deadline - 6th September 2013    
0124 529 3031    information@chelmsford.ac.uk   
printmaking, wood, ceramics, mould making, textiles, fashion, video, digital media, animation, photography, graphics, illustration, painting, drawing

University of Hertfordshire  (Hatfield)  Application deadline - 16th September 2013    
0170 728 5327    ad-shortcourses@herts.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, textiles, fashion, art therapy, digital media, film, video, sound, photography, graphics, painting

Camberwell College of Arts, UAL  (South London)  Application deadline - 15th September 2013    
0207 514 7914    d.dutton@camberwell.arts.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, metal, ceramics, product design, conservation, digital technologies, sound, animation, photography, graphics, illustration, painting

Wimbledon College of Art, UAL  (South London)  Application deadline - 15th September 2013    
0207 514 7914    d.dutton@camberwell.arts.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, metal, digital technologies, film, video, photography, painting

Southampton Solent University  Application deadline - 23rd September 2013    
0238 031 9021    avril.gale@solent.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, clay, letterpress, typography, digital media, photography, painting, drawing

Plymouth College of Art  Application deadline - 22nd September 2013    
0175 220 3434    infoservices@pca.ac.uk
printmaking, metals (incl. fine), glass, ceramics, fashion, textiles, moving image, animation, digital media, games design, photography, graphics, painting

Plymouth University  Application deadline - 27th September 2013    
0777 342 0692    rutrlallain@plymouth.ac.uk
printmaking, wood, metal, ceramics, plaster, textiles, film, video, sound, digital media, photography, animation, typography, graphics, illustration, painting, drawing

Free Business Development Sessions For Artists

This series of sessions, facilitated by Elizabeth Hawley - Visual Arts Enabler, is intended to develop knowledge and understanding of the local, regional and national visual arts ecology and the place of the individual artist within this context.


The sessions are interactive and designed to offer advice, collective problem solving and to encourage ownership and pro-activity towards career development as an artist.

Coventry Artspace - Monday 9th September 2013

Worcester Museum & Art Gallery - Friday 20th September 2013

Grand Union, Birmingham – Monday 23rd September 2013

Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery - Monday 30th September 2013

Wolverhampton Museum & Art Gallery - Monday 7th October 2013

AirSpace Gallery, Stoke - Thursday 17th October 2013

Each session runs from: 10.30am- 1.30pm.

Business Development follow-up sessions:

We are also holding two follow-up events, facilitated by Elizabeth Hawley designed for those who attended the business development sessions in January and February this year. This is an opportunity to revisit, discuss progress and offer advice in a group setting.

Coventry Artspace - Monday 9th September 2013

Grand Union, Birmingham – Monday 23rd September 2013

Each session runs from 2-4.30pm.

There are a maximum of 20 places per session, which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Light refreshments will be served.

To book please email Annabel Clarke on annabel.clarke[at]bcu.ac.uk quoting which session you would like to attend.

Lots of opportunities

Here's a selection of interesting opportunities for artists, cartoonists and graphic novelists from across the web.


Opportunity for artists:

SpArC Theatre in Bishops Castle is looking for new exhibitions of work for the upcoming autumn/winter 2013 exhibition series.

The gallery at SpArC provides over 33 square meters of exhibition space in a long gallery setting over a series of large wall mounted panels as well as in the recently renovated foyer of the Theatre. The gallery benefits from a large amount of natural light through the use of angled windows as well as panel specific overhead lighting and overlooks a natural meadow area on both sides.

Exhibitions run on a monthly basis and the gallery is available free of charge to showcase artists' work with commission charged at only 15% if sales are made.

Any artists or groups who are interested in exhibiting should contact Arts Coordinator Cait Leach on cleach@bishopscastle.co.uk or call her on 01588 630321.

 Submissions Opportunity - The Poetry Of Shropshire:

Offa's Press is publishing an anthology of the poetry of Shropshire, edited by Simon Fletcher and Jeff Phelps, in October 2013. We intend to include heritage material by A.E.Housman, Wilfred Owen and Mary Webb plus other well-known 'Shropshire poems' as well as a strong selection of contemporary voices from Shropshire or using Shropshire as a subject.

Poets interested in submitting work should send up to 4 poems (max 50 lines each) including extracts from longer poems (max 50 lines also) plus a brief biographical note (max 40 words) to Offa's Press, 2, Ferndale, Pant, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 9QD between June 1st and August 31st. Submissions outside this window will not be considered.

Poets might like to consider the following topics: landscape, history, geology, flora, fauna, local history, characters, childhood memories, folklore, legends, sacred places, rivers and so forth.

Please include an SAE if you want your work returned. We are unable to enter into any correspondence and the editors' word is final. If you haven't heard anything from us by the end of September you can assume your submission has been unsuccessful.

Please watch out for the launch events in October/ November. There will be no fees but all successful contributors will be sent a free copy of the anthology and invited to one or other of the launch events. Copyright remains, of course, with contributors.

Any queries please email: info@offaspress.co.uk.


"Impostor" Competition for Comics Artists, Cartoonists and Graphic Novelists:

The competition is opening on August 15th!

"Impostor" is the competition for the best unpublished comics based on the play by Friedrich Schiller "Demetrius". "Demetrius" is the incomplete drama by the German playwright F.Schiller based on the life of Demetrius. The central figure is the character of False Dmitry, the Tsar of Russia who was one of the three impostors (Russian: самозванец 'samozvanets', "impostor") and who claimed himself to be the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible, tsarevitch Dmitriy Ivanovich. The False Dmitriy is one of the notable characters in Russian history and his personality still attracts the attention of historians, writers and poets its ambiguity and mystery.

ENTRY DEADLINE: We strongly encourage all entrants to send in their comics as soon as possible.

The sooner the comics are available online, the greater their level of public exposure and their chance of winning the award.

The entries are accepted before September 7th. The results of the competition will be announced on September 10th.


9.30am to 5pm, Monday 9 September. The New Art Gallery Walsall. Free Gallerycamp is the free 'unconference' for people interested in discussing the future of galleries (and arts + cultural organisations more broadly) and the increasingly important role of digital stuff (ideas, projects, innovations) in this. There are no keynotes speakers. It's open to anyone: public/private/whatever sector and you don't have to work in a gallery.

Danny Beath Exhibition

There are just 10 days left, make sure you don't miss out.


The memorial exhibition of Danny Beath's photographs will be on display at the Hive in Shrewsbury, until Monday 9th September. It's been the most popular exhibition which the Hive has hosted and really is worth a look. Come and see it at 5 Belmont, SY1 1TE

Courses from Herbert Open Learning

There are a fantastic range of four day courses on offer at the Herbert this Autumn - helping you beat the autumn blues.


Discover the life of a solider in WWI, the dramatic story of the rediscovery of ancient Egypt's civilisation, the achievements of drawing through history, learn about and create needlecrafts or push your skills as a creative writer using the collections in the Herbert as inspiration.

Book now to ensure your place as numbers on courses are limited!


We look forward to seeing you.

Job opportunities with Disability Wales

Disability Wales/Disability Arts Cymru have two job vacancies currently available - Business Development Manager (Disabled Person) - and Policy and Public Affairs Manager (Disabled Person).


Business Development Manager (Disabled Person):

NJC 35-39, £29,236 - £32,800 - 35 hours per week.

Closing date: 2nd September 2013. Interviews: 13th September 2013.

Policy and Public Affairs Manager (Disabled Person):

To cover Maternity Leave, minimum of 10 months.

NJC 35-39, £29,236 - £32,800 - 35 hours per week.

Closing date: 2nd September 2013.  Interviews: 12th September 2013.

For more information and to apply:

Telephone: 029 2088 7325

Email: info@disabilitywales.org

Website: www.disabilitywales.org

Cocktails and clothes

Bring your unwanted, unloved clothing and/or accessories to the Victorian themed cocktail bar, The Alb - and Hey Doll! Art and Craft Collective will assist you to revamp, redesign and upcycle your items - using various techniques, from our box of tricks!


You'll fall in LOVE with your old bespoke pieces.

However you do have the option of swapping (swishing) your items with other participants. 

So a fun and creative night awaits you!

There will be a waiter/waitress taking your drink orders.


Email or call us to book via the details below.


Please note this event is on the 1st floor (restaurant) and there is no wheelchair access.