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Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative Commission opportunity

Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative Commission Opportunity

Artist Brief Date: 5/2/19 Closing Date: 4/3/19 Value of Commission: £8,000 Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative (ESI) would like to commission an artist to create a lasting contemporary interactive installation to commemorate the work and achievements of Eglantyne Jebb, founder of Save the Children Fund. Eglantyne is an unsung heroine from Shropshire who was born in Ellesmere and the Jebb family still live here. Our project 'Children Displaced by Conflict: The Heritage of Eglantyne Jebb the Founder of The Save the Children Fund' is funded by Heritage Lottery. Project summary:

"Every war is a war against children", Eglantyne Jebb 1919.

2019 is the centenary of the establishment of 'Save The Children Fund' and an appropriate time to commemorate the achievements of this unsung heroine from Ellesmere who, together with her sister Dorothy, established the organisation as a response to the plight of displaced and starving children across Europe in the aftermath of WW1. This was not a popular cause but this local woman campaigned until she was successful.

Our project aims to involve and inspire the local community to research, record and celebrate this significant legacy and establish its importance for current and future generations. We wish to stimulate the active participation of members of the community, especially children and young people, by involving them in the research process and in workshops which will feature writings and drawings by displaced children.

The current workshop programme will produce some images, and perhaps texts, which will serve as stimulus/resource material for the artist in their concept development process for the creation of the interactive installation. 'The installation will sited in a prominent public location The Cremorne Gardens, Ellesmere, to ensure a lasting legacy for the 21st century.

To commemorate Eglantyne Jebb's memorable life, and her considerable legacy of 'The Save the Children Fund', to ensure her achievements are known and understood for another century by current and future generations.
To inspire young people through their engagement with the 3D work.
Shropshire Council are project partners for this project as landowners and sole trustees of the Cremorne Gardens
The objectives of the commission are:
To create an interactive work/s in response to, and inspired by, research undertaken by the local community into the work of 'The Save the Children Fund'.
To develop an imaginative design concept which captures something of Eglantyne Jebb's response to World War 1 in focussing on the plight of displaced children.
to design and create a three-dimensional piece which will engage and inform the local community and visitors of this lasting legacy. Although the artist's piece should be a response to imagery / writings produced by children affected by conflict, and the subsequent responses of local people including children, we also look for strong responses from the artist to the subject matter. We therefore recognise that the work may develop and depart into other quite new interpretations of the subject by the artist.
Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative is the commissioning body and project management is provided by the Installation Manager who reports to the project Management Group .

ESI promotes its work through a full colour leaflet and through the website: The Ellesmere Sculpture Trail is also featured in a recent guide to sculpture parks in the UK

Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative's main activity over the last 12 years has been to develop a permanent 'Sculpture in the Landscape' trail reflecting the particular heritage and landscape of Ellesmere. The aim of ESI has been to provide a stimulating and visible interpretation of the local heritage.

Our first works created at an international symposium reflected the impact of the Ice Age in forming the surrounding landscape. 8 sculptural works used glacially transported rocks, known as erratics, excavated from a local quarry. These are installed on public land overlooking the Mere. A second symposium created 10 wood and metal sculptures sited beside the Llangollen Canal. The canal-side sculptures interpret the heritage of the canal and were made in the historic workshops and forge at the Ellesmere Canal maintenance yard, where Telford supervised the construction of the canal .The trail continues around the Mere in the publicly owned Cremorne Gardens where another six works were created using a variety of woods from mature trees natural to the ecology of the Meres and Mosses.

ESI also conceived the 'Canal Etchings' project where a series of etched steel panels, depicting the surrounding landscape environments, were designed and installed at significant locations alongside the Llangollen and Montgomeryshire Canals. This was an EU Leader funded project in which ESI partnered the Canal and River Trust. It links to the Ellesmere Sculpture Trail.

The trail has become valued by the local community who recently raised funds for a replacement of Sshhh a work originally made from lime wood which gradually decayed - the new commission is being made from oak.

Applications Process
Please note: the Design Commission Fee of £8,000 includes all fees and ancillary costs, materials costs of production, transport and installation.
Each applicant should prepare:
1) An initial design concept proposal outlining:
Methodology, design and concept in relation to the brief.
A consideration of the materials chosen and evidence of how these will meet the project requirement; it must be robust enough to last the next 100 years.
A breakdown of costs
2) A current curriculum vitae
3) Examples of recent work, including photos.
Shortlisted artists will be contacted on 11/3/19 and invited to work up a full proposal. £250 will be available for this process.
Application submissions
Applications are to be submitted by 5pm 4/3/19.
Please email your applications to: and title your email application as: 'Eglantyne Jebb Commission'.

Publicity and Promotion
ESI will be responsible for promoting and publicising the work. Promotion is to include a high profile launch event which the artist is expected to attend. Copyright Whilst the artist/s retains copyright and the moral right to be identified as the creator of the Work, ESI shall be entitled to make photographs, film or video of the Work for the purposes of advertising and promotion, or as film, video or television broadcast. Insurance

The artist is required to provide evidence of current Public and Products Liability Insurance (PPL) to a minimum value of £5million.
Disclosure and Barring Service Please note that this appointment is subject to enhanced checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB.
Background research sources:
Save the Children Fund history:
Biography - 'The Woman Who Saved the Children' by Clare Mulley