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The Moth Art Prize 2019

Submit a portfolio of 5 – 10 2D artworks to include figurative or representational paintings, drawings, mixed media and original prints. Entry fee €20. 1st prize €1,000 and a 2-week retreat in rural Ireland.
See website for all the details:

Poster for the Moth Art Prize, with six images of a redhaired woman, a still life interior with black, white and green accents, a woman sat perched on a chair in a short dark grey sleeveless dress, with a grey whirling picture in the background, a sepia coloured landscape of land, streams and cloudy sky, another more urban landscape with tall building on either side of a dark and grey spike going through the centre of the building, every thing is symmetically balanced on either side, final picture is a sea scape with land cut diagonally in two one side red one side green, on the sea are striped yachting boatsand high splashing sparays of sea surf. underneath the pictures it says 1000 euros plus 2 week retreat at the Moth.