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Accessible Marketing

Our newest training session is 'Accessible Marketing'

On July 14th Paula and Carrie delivered the training to participants at QUAD, a venue with which DASH are partnering to deliver the Inside commission by Antonia Attwood and Daniel Regan.

The course looked at why venues should make their marketing accessible, followed by an activity on audio descriptions. Delegates then explored existing printed promotional materials, evaluating  good and less effective examples of accessible marketing, and learning about best practice.

Next, delegates looked at how to add audio descriptions across a range of social media, and how to include subtitles and closed captions to Youtube videos.

In the afternoon, delegates were shown how to create structured digital documents with audio descriptions to be read aloud by screen readers.

Delegates were able to improve their knowledge of how to use the existing technology at their fingertips, to ensure that their marketing messages are reaching as wide an audience as possible.

If your venue would like to receive training on Accessible Marketing, please contact DASH to discuss your requirements.

Disability Art and Equality Training

These workshops are designed to be delivered to other organisations and businesses who require equality training but with an artistic twist.

People who come to the workshops are usually looking to gain new ideas, insights, experience and skills techniques from the sessions.

Participants from previous workshops have reported that they gained valuable experiences, learnt new skills and found the day to be a great networking opportunity.


 Participants comments:

  • Practical sessions were most helpful and enjoyable
  • Lots of interesting discussion
  • It was good to reinforce equality and diversity and look at /experience being a disabled artist - It was a lovely day and great to make new contacts
  • It has given me confidence to pursue my career in working in the arts with disabilities
  • Thank you for organising the training day.  I enjoyed the day very much - good to meet old and new faces and found it challenging in places!

Reflection about equality in today's society in 140 characters or less from workshop participants:

"Awareness of the desirability of equality is much better than it has been. There is still some way to go, in which the assertiveness of the minority and their advocates will be as important as the accommodation by the majority."

"Equality in today's society – depending on the situations, equality in today's society is variable. Equality is a right."

"Equality in society today? Everyone is equal – but some are still more equal than others. Let's change that together. Transformed education, better thanks to The Disability Act 1994."


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