Awkward Bastards

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Challenging and exploring the concept of diversity, breaking down the barriers between different cultures of thinking...

March 12th 2015 at mac birmingham.

Presented by a mix of academics, artists and activists representing diversity (disability, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and class) from across the UK and USA.

Here are the links to the Youtube videos:

Dr. David Turner's keynote speech 'Disability's Awkward Histories'.

Marlene Smith - Rethinking Diversity

Tony Heaton OBE - History of the Disability Arts Movement

Gemma Marmalade - Talks about her practice

Vacuum Cleaner - Definitions

sean burn - language of lunacy

Gill Nicol - Making contemporary arts accessible

Matt Smith - Queering the museum

Amanda Cachia - Disabling the museum

Vincent Gould - Diversity decision commission

Mike Layward and Amanda Cachia - What come's next?

Lois Keidan and Abid Hussain - What come's next?

Lara Ratnaraja and Garry Robson - What come's next?



Awkward Bastards was co produced by DASH and mac birmingham.

Here are some links to what other people said about the day:

Views from the Back Row - thoughts on Awkward Bastards by Paula Dower and Mike Layward available below.